rewLegions of marketers swear by the undoubted potential of brochures to promote businesses and acquaint potential customers with the services as well as the undertakings of a company. Unlike your physical presence, this professional marketing tool communicates with the targeted audience on your behalf and brings much-needed exposure for your products and services. Besides an organization’s general information, a professional brochure features everything, which you seek to communicate to the prospective clients and customers.

However, you need to know various things about brochure printing, before jumping on the bandwagon.


Before contemplating a printing commitment, owners must look under the hood of things and decide whether it is intended to encapsulate informational nuggets about the company or geared towards achieving a much-needed boost in sales of products and services. Once you have sorted the purpose, the next step involves making a choice of an organization’s logo and copy art, befitting the task.


If the organization is engaged in delivering a particular kind of product or service, the business owner is entitled to take a call on which products or services to be featured in this potential advertising tool. In many instances, one incorporates a concise biography of a company’s founder, in addition to notable accomplishments of the company since its inception. This is primarily meant to forge a close solidarity with the target audience.

Professionalism and Quality

Make it a point to ensure that the end product looks professional to a fault once a brochure has been materialized. Considering the fact that these promotional items are passed around among the crowd, brochures should strike an instant impression on the potential customers if the purpose of a brochure is to be rendered effective. In order to achieve this, the brochure should feature the highest quality printing and advertise the business in a positive and competent manner. Moreover, this marketing tool should contain the information, which is easily read and interpreted and arrest the attention of readers in an instant.

Varieties of Brochures

Some of the popular varieties of brochures include half-fold, tri-fold, and flat, among others. Apart from this, there exists a wide array of options in terms of size for a printing task. Due consideration should go into choosing a type of paper stock for printing assignments. Generally, business owners opt for the thick paper stock, thanks to its durability. As far as color choice is concerned, businesses should go with their brand or logo’s color theme and embrace a UV coating or gloss coat finish to garner instant interest among the readers.

trrPrinting has always been an important part of any business because most of the information and product details create greater impact when they are viewed and held in hand. Even though digital media has occupied a part of the business it cannot completely do away with the print industry. Surveys show that printed media still occupies a significant part of the industry. This is because it offers certain benefits that are unavailable elsewhere.

• Printed matter is tangible:

Newspapers, brochures, or magazines create a deeper impression because they can be held in the hand. They may occupy some space but the comfort of sitting in a relaxed way and perusing through one is simple and extraordinary.

• Greater engagement:

Printed matter can engage a person for a longer time and people tend to read it much faster than an online version of the same.

• More credibility:

Digital matter contains multiple ads and pop ups which can be very distracting to the reader. In printed matter, the advertisements do not present any imminent ads and hence the credibility is greater.

Thus by offering more visibility, credibility and reader engagement printing services have undoubtedly created its own niche in the business world. Over the years the variety in the services offered has also increased and for the interested client the choices are numerous.

• You can opt for different types of printing like color, online printing, wide format, litho, and many more.

• Get better designs and fonts with better service providers.

• With custom printing services, you can get products according to your requirement as well as budget which increase the profitability in your business.

• Brochures

Printing services find use in advertising the products in a business. Therefore you can print brochures in various shapes and sizes with product descriptions. Select the quality of the pages and design according to your budget. A comprehensive one can give the product proper exposure.

• Catalogue

Printed catalogues offer a gist of the products and services offered along with information on discounts. Appropriate pictures and designs help to pack in a lot of information in them.

• Business cards

Visiting cards or business cards are the best tools of branding which is necessary for expanding any business. Well-designed ones can create the right impression and help in business meetings. The printing cost is not much either which is why business cards will not become a thing of the past in the near future.

Printing services have a bright future in the years to come but the service provider should be chosen properly. Quality printing that is delivered within deadline is extremely important. The cost factor should not be undermined and clients should ensure that they get their money’s worth.

prWith coming to an end, business firms and companies can make best use of this time by a handy marketing tool – which is printing promotional calendars. It can provide an edge over any other form of advertising strategies, making your brand image visible to customers for 365 days of the year! With more innovations around the corner with the availability of online printing services, one can have this job done through the design of personalized calendar online.

What should be the handy tips one needs to keep in mind while printing calendars to spread one ‘s brand image? Here is an overview of these:

1. Theme

Firstly one has to decide on the theme of the calendar. The overall layout should be relevant as well as attractive. It should go along with the brand image, while making it pleasant for the customers. Feedback from colleagues can be helpful in this regard. One can accordingly decide the number of pages for the calendar, i.e. it can be one month on each page, or quarterly with 3 months in a page or even a single page calendar with 12 months in a page. However, it is preferred as well as advised that business associates choose a 12 page calendar, which would help to convey their messages in a better way with variety features and not appear monotonous.

2. Using images properly

Calendar printing online can provide one the option to customize and make a choice among a range of design features and use high quality images. An online printer can be helpful in this regard in suggesting proper use of images according to the theme and brand. Too many images can create a cluttered appearance; here some advice can be sought from expert online printers.

3. Brand portfolio

Since the ultimate motive is to promote one ‘s brand, the calendar can be used as a portfolio. So if you are planning calendars printing for 2016, it is the perfect opportunity to showcase your range of products or services you offer. Here the images used in the calendar can be wisely chosen for advertising of your goods and at the same time you can also include upcoming events, offers and sales, which would help in promoting the brand.

4. Promoting Brand logo

Every page of the calendar should include the image of brand logo. However, it should not be over the top but subtly and skillfully included in each page of the calendar. Here the online printer can provide many solutions for the perfect design. A catchy message can also be incorporated to match the theme for each month and make it fun and appealing for the customer.

5. Functionality

whatever style or design is adopted for the calendar, it should always be kept in mind that the calendar remains functional while appearing unique. Ultimately it should serve the purpose, which is providing a clear and easy view of the date while providing a pleasant view.

In India, many online printing services have come up recently. So getting your calendar printing in India is easy and hassle free. However, it is best to select your printing service provider after checking quality and service.

adfEffective direct mail marketing brings new leads and more business; good results and return on investment are possible. While online campaigns are getting a lot of buzz, the growth in technology has not hindered direct mail marketing. Instead, the opportunities are now enhanced. Here we lay out 5 ways you can implement a successful direct marketing campaign that will generate leads.

1. Provide a Link to Your Website

You may be using traditional paper (mass and/or trade print) advertising, but that does not mean you can’t integrate this into your online marketing campaigns. Not only should you provide a link to your website in your direct mail piece, but you can also provide an incentive to do so, such as a coupon placed on a specific page that the URL links to. This page can also include a sign-up form for your email mailing list, offering future company news, coupons, and discounts.

Keep in mind modern consumers are more likely to find your company through an online search. Anything you put in print advertising can be duplicated online, to reach a different audience.

2. Enhance the Presentation

With email marketing, you are limited solely to a single sentence in the subject line, and no matter how strong your headline, it’s possible that it will be viewed as spam and end up never being seen. In a print advertisement, you can incorporate eye-catching logos or pictures, or use your company’s colors to make the piece stand out – all visible with one glance. A compelling message and graphics makes it less likely that your ad will end up in a recycling bin.

You can mix your advertisement up with fonts of different sizes and styles to showcase the particular areas of graphics and copy you want to emphasize. Depending on the piece and packaging, you could even offer a small promotional item that would be useful – such as sticky notes, pens, letter openers, and anything else the recipient might use when they most likely would think of your product.

3. Make the Content Personal to the Consumer

Take the time to study and learn about your target customer, and then customize your message with offers and information that would appeal specifically to them – right down to the packaging. Your content should directly address their needs, desires, and concerns. You can even further segment your recipients and send different pieces (with adjusted content) based on each segment. Don’t forget to include a powerful and compelling call to action, as well as an easy way to get more information and/or contact you.

4. Work With Other Companies

Consider product placements on TV and in movies. The product supplier is paying for the opportunity to “star” in a TV show. They do this not just for increased visibility, but also for the direct access to the viewing audience – an audience that already uses similar products and already has an established level of loyalty to the show.

Partnerships between companies are all around us, from the release of a movie (and subsequent merchandise) to the box of brownie mix you buy that showcases a certain name-brand chocolate syrup from another company on its box.

Small businesses can do this, too. A product or service purchase can result in a coupon or discount for a partner company who, in turn, provides the same or similar service for the primary company. This helps promoting both businesses while saving advertising dollars on both sides in the long run.

5. Connect With Your Other Marketing Campaigns

Combining your direct mail marketing program with other channels, such as social media or email marketing, allows for multiple “touches” and an expanded audience. A great example are those mailers you receive that are filled with coupons. Many of these companies concurrently advertise these offers on social media and via email to stimulate interest. A prospective customer may toss the paper coupon but notice the email from the business and take action (or vice-versa).

Another option is to use personalized URLs (PURLs) on your direct mail pieces. Your printed piece provides a link to a webpage (and/or a QR code) that would be set up specifically for that individual (or segment). When the recipient visits this page, they see a personal greeting and information specifically customized just for them.

In order for your cross-media marketing campaign to be most effective, make sure that your message is consistent across all channels, meaning that all offers and claims about your business are the same in every “location”.

There is no doubt that email promotions and online marketing have their benefits, but direct mail marketing is not just a thing of the past. It is still a rewarding strategy to reach a widespread client base and draw attention to your products and/or services. Consider these tips to make your direct mail marketing efforts more productive.