ewqWill the postcard marketing work?

This is quite an inevitable question in this digital era.

With postal and printing rates soaring, you may wonder if it is worth to invest and focus on.

Well… custom postcard printing adds a personal touch and takes a different line to connect with your customers.

With a reliable source of mailing addresses, direct mail marketing can help you connect with people who are really interested in your business, products, and services.

Are you wondering how?

Well… then read on. In this article, we are going to tell you how custom postcard printing can help you connect with your customers and grow your business.

Higher Visibility

Advertising through direct mail (envelopes) poses some unusual problems such as the receiver may not open the envelope and throw it in the dustbin.

But, when you send a postcard, the receiver may just flip the card out of reflex out of curiosity to see the contents. It means the receiver also glances through the message printed on.

Makes Direct Contact with the Customers

Customers’ value personalized communication. Postcards helps you reach audience directly and give them a direct line of sight to see the products and services you are offering.

With postcards, there is no wastage of recipient’s time. It takes a few moments and all critical info on the postcard is available right in front of eyes and easy to digest.

Attracts Attention Better

The visual element is important in direct mail marketing and especially for postcards. The design of the postcard plays an important role in attracting attention and passing the message to the prospective customer in a fast and simple manner.

However, make sure the appearance of the postcard is attractive enough to generate interest and cause the person to read the information given on postcard. The size and design of the postcard should not be small as there is a risk of message getting lost.

The postcard should be a bit larger in size to make it stand out.


When you use envelopes in direct mail marketing, you also have to bear the cost of envelopes.

But, in postcards marketing, there are no such costs involved. The costs are only related to the postcard itself, the design and the postage. That’s it.

And even you combine these costs; you will find the total cost is still much lower than other forms of direct mail marketing.

So, when do you plan to use custom postcard printing to market your business? Have you started already?

cvffMarketing Automation is an evolving concept and that’s why it does not come as a surprise that only a few marketing companies are actually using it. There are, of course, many companies waiting eagerly to climb the bandwagon, so it is a probability that we will see a decent surge in the number of companies and marketers using the direct marketing automation concept in the coming year.

Modern marketers exposed to the evolving technologies and advanced tools in marketing believe that marketing automation would be at the core of marketing activities of businesses of all types and sizes, in the not-too-distant future and they could be spot-on in their assessment. Marketing automation can be used to bring together tactics, technology, strategies and software to automate and streamline tasks that are repetitive, saving marketing professionals time and effort. Direct automation software can also be used for accurately monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Create Winning Strategies and Tactics

It is commonsense that strategy and tactics are key elements of a successful marketing campaign. Strategies help create the main framework and provide marketers the big picture. Tactics involve the implementation part of the marketing plan. These two elements must work together in synchrony for direct automation to produce results.

Automation tools must be customized to make an impact on every business, depending on the size and nature of operations of an enterprise. It must also be suitably tweaked to meet individual marketing strategies. However, some elements of marketing automation are constant to all. These include generation of quality leads, conversion of leads to sales, increasing revenue, nurturing prospects for future use, and personalizing the experience of customers. In many ways, marketing automation focuses beyond direct sales.

Helps Nurture and Develop Long Term Relationships

Marketers believe that by using the right marketing software platform, they can nurture human relationships more effectively. Nurturing long term relationships is central to effective marketing.

Marketing Automation works through the process of automated tracking and monitoring of individual prospects on the company’s website. The marketing team can use the various automation tools to decipher prospect’s interests, needs and goals. It provides marketers the input needed to create personalized campaigns based on user behavior. Direct marketing automation tools can be used to create enticing offers that are sharply relevant to each individual prospect.

With the best automation software, you will be able to collect data about prospects which can help in grouping them based on their common interests, behavior and demographics. The segmentation of customers is a much desired marketing activity because not only does it save marketers time but also helps take the guesswork out of larger marketing campaigns. Management of campaigns can become easier and the campaigns can become more focused and effective.

Direct marketing automation tools are being effectively used for monitoring social media campaigns. Its growing popularity stems from the fact that automation is easy to use, affordable and has the ability to create strategies that can be long term winners.

Fyoosion is direct marketing software that’s helping marketers achieve their campaign objectives by creating impactful campaigns. The direct marketing software is different from other tools in many ways. It provides marketers the automation software platform they need to improve conversion and retain customers.

cdhApproximately 100 years ago, Schlitz Beer was in 5th place among the US beer companies. They were ingenious enough to hire a man by the name of Claude Hopkins to create a new ad campaign. Hopkins attended brewing classes and toured the Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee. He saw glass enclosed rooms with filtered air where the beer was dripping over pipes. Every pump and pipe was cleaned 2 times a day. Every bottle was cleaned no fewer than 4 times by machine.

Schlitz also had an artesian well, 4,000 feet deep to access pure water, even though their brewery was located on Lake Michigan. Hopkins toured the laboratory where the original mother yeast was cultivated and developed with no less than 1200 experiments to give Schlitz Beer their distinctive flavor.

After this tour he returned to the home office and asked why they didn’t tell people about their purity, “Why don’t you tell people those things? Why do you merely try to cry louder than others that your beer is pure? Why don’t you tell the reasons?”

Their response was that all the other brewers did the same thing, so they thought they were no different. While the other brewers may have all been doing the same thing, nobody else was telling the story to sell.

Hopkins then went on to design ads that simply told the story of how their beer was made. After the ads ran for a few months, Schlitz went from 5th place to neck and neck 1st place. This was a massive gain in a large industry and is no small feat when people are very loyal to their preferences and habits.

Quoting Hopkins “I told a story common to all good brewers, but a story which had never been told. I gave purity a meaning”.

How does this relate to the advertisements and/or claims you make about your business? Any claims or statements must include details and be very specific – infused with meaning. Generalities roll off humans like water on a duck. Abstract claims mean nothing, and people are burned out on big, general claims.

No matter the company you are associated with, use concrete, specific language. Lose 12 pounds in the next 14 days. Cut 3-10 strokes off your golf score in 45 minutes. Generate 50 leads in the next 7 days. This is much more specific than saying “How to get a lot of leads for your business”.

You see how it takes a strategy? Learn the skill of writing words that will resonate with your audience and get them to take action.

cvxCoupons have been around since the beginning of man’s shopping experience. People love coupons because it gives them an extra discount on something that is much needed and wanted. They are an incentive to buy, and leave you with a pleasant feeling that you saved money.

Coupons are still great tools used today. You aren’t just giving the customer a reason to buy, but allowing them to save their hard earned money and not spend it all in one place. This will always get you on their good side and also gain trust that you really want them to save money.

How creative can you be with coupons? There are many different types of coupons to give. One type of coupon is an amount that is discounted from the total price. Simply put $5, $10, $15 dollars off a product for example.

Another type of coupon is “BOGO” or as you know “Buy One Get One” free or half off. There is not much more detail that can be said about this, as most people do know what this is. It is for you to determine which products and services go together to give someone half off or even a free product with their purchase.

A different variation of the “BOGO” coupon or discount is to buy multiple products to get one free or half off. You can have them buy as many as you like, but the price needs to be reasonable. It can be any price you set, but it has to be something that a customer would feel worth buying.

You can also be creative and give people a discount for referring your business. You can give a money amount or a percentage off their next order. Again people are saving money and also it is a way of inexpensive advertising. When people learn they will save money with you, the potential to gain more customers is stronger.

If you sell physical goods you can offer free shipping. As you know amazon.com offers free shipping on items that are $35 or more. You can do the same if you have your own private store online. You may want to be a little more competitive and offer free shipping on items of lower prices. Make sure it is cost effective though.

You can also take a percentage off the total price if someone spends a certain amount with you. For instance, say you will give 10% off if they spend $50, or $100, but only if it meets or exceeds the amount. This will help you out in making money, but also encourage customers to buy more from you.

Rebate coupons are also great. Do you remember the last time you bought something and got a rebate? You have to send a slip in the mail and wait for the money to come back, but on the Internet you can make it more instantaneous. You know in today’s day and age, instant gratification is in high demand.

What you can do with coupons is really up to you. You can combine them, or give them out weekly or monthly. You can be as creative with this as you can. Sometimes people like to combine coupons with offers, or use multiple coupons at one time. Whatever you think will make the customer the happiest.

So you see all the different types of coupons that are out there, and now you want to put some of these ideas into practice. Don’t just throw them in front of the customer and persuade them to buy just because they are getting a discount. That is actually not good business practice, but throughout many years, people believed it worked.

Buyers will come to you because they like your products, they like your brand, or they like your attitude. In the end, there really is no way to persuade people to buy anything. Just reach out to those who are interested, and treat them nicely by offering coupons and discounts. This is why coupons are a buyer’s best friend!