Beer and Your Business

cdhApproximately 100 years ago, Schlitz Beer was in 5th place among the US beer companies. They were ingenious enough to hire a man by the name of Claude Hopkins to create a new ad campaign. Hopkins attended brewing classes and toured the Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee. He saw glass enclosed rooms with filtered air where the beer was dripping over pipes. Every pump and pipe was cleaned 2 times a day. Every bottle was cleaned no fewer than 4 times by machine.

Schlitz also had an artesian well, 4,000 feet deep to access pure water, even though their brewery was located on Lake Michigan. Hopkins toured the laboratory where the original mother yeast was cultivated and developed with no less than 1200 experiments to give Schlitz Beer their distinctive flavor.

After this tour he returned to the home office and asked why they didn’t tell people about their purity, “Why don’t you tell people those things? Why do you merely try to cry louder than others that your beer is pure? Why don’t you tell the reasons?”

Their response was that all the other brewers did the same thing, so they thought they were no different. While the other brewers may have all been doing the same thing, nobody else was telling the story to sell.

Hopkins then went on to design ads that simply told the story of how their beer was made. After the ads ran for a few months, Schlitz went from 5th place to neck and neck 1st place. This was a massive gain in a large industry and is no small feat when people are very loyal to their preferences and habits.

Quoting Hopkins “I told a story common to all good brewers, but a story which had never been told. I gave purity a meaning”.

How does this relate to the advertisements and/or claims you make about your business? Any claims or statements must include details and be very specific – infused with meaning. Generalities roll off humans like water on a duck. Abstract claims mean nothing, and people are burned out on big, general claims.

No matter the company you are associated with, use concrete, specific language. Lose 12 pounds in the next 14 days. Cut 3-10 strokes off your golf score in 45 minutes. Generate 50 leads in the next 7 days. This is much more specific than saying “How to get a lot of leads for your business”.

You see how it takes a strategy? Learn the skill of writing words that will resonate with your audience and get them to take action.