Why You Should Use Handwritten Envelopes and How to Use It

erEven though the Internet has changed the face of marketing, direct mail marketing can still help you reach prospective clients and generate sales.

Most direct mail marketers ‘use printed labels on envelopes; the result is that they never get opened and end their journey in the garbage bin. The solution to this problem is sending envelopes with handwritten addresses.

Why Handwritten Envelopes?

A study report published in Simon Ruda presentation showed that handwritten envelopes lead to 35.4% response as compared to 32.5% response from participants who received regular envelopes with printed labels. Printed mail looks more like a marketing gimmick and often gets ignored at their very first instance.

On the contrary, hand-addressed envelopes spark curiosity because they look different from a regular mail and the recipient generally wants to know what’s inside.

Tips to Use Handwritten Envelopes

There is a no doubt that a hand-addressed envelope can get you better response, but there are several other elements that also contribute to its success. Here are some tips to make your direct mail marketing campaign more successful.

Targeted Mailing list

It is one of the most important elements that should not be overlooked. You need to ensure the people, who you are sending the hand addressed envelopes to, are those who will be interested in your offer, and who are likely to benefit from the products and services you are offering.

Use Live Stamps

A live stamp adds a personal touch to your mailing piece. It is more convincing and effective than metered stamps. Hence, it is always a good idea to pair live stamps with hand written envelopes to gain better response rates.

Focus on the Type of Envelope

The type of envelope you choose for direct mail marketing is also important. We know people don’t throw away the envelope without first having a look at it; assuming that the recipient is interested in what you are offering (the targeted mailing list takes care of that).

You can use a corporate envelope that has your business logo. Also, you can use tell-all envelopes that have a photo or description of the product and the offer.

Keep it simple

Keep your message simple and easy to read. Don’t clutter the envelope with graphics. Always use the right salutation as it shows respect. If you are sending the offer to a couple, mention individual names on different lines.

By using the simple tips given above, you can create a direct mail campaign that excites prospective customers and engages them. As you test and refine your marketing mail, you can convert a high percentage of prospects into buyers.

So, how do you drive your direct mail marketing campaign? Do you think you should use handwritten envelopes? Have you used it before? Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to share your experience or leave your comments and/or questions below and thanks for reading.